Attn: Fellow Space Cadets


I want to laugh like someone who has spent a lot of time thinking about life, and has seen the joke. We are all full of possibilities and void of certainties.

Here I’ll be discussing my general musings about life-at-large as seen through my life in Colombia. I’ve had far too much time to analyze the world around me and within me, [Within Me Without You], so let’s see if I have anything worth saying on the matter, shall we? I think we’ll get along just fine. Let me show you.

[You can dream, and I can dream, and the plot can be the same…but acting as though dreams are not a reflection of your reality is foolhardy.]

Bear with me as my common delays will be due to waiting for my film to be developed–punctuality is not something the Colombian lifestyle reinforces. Ever At The Mercy Of The Powers That Be.

Anyway, before we begin, let’s play catch-up on the last six months:


I’m living in Armenia, Quindio, Colombia. Not a lot happens up here in the Eje Cafetero; the living’s easy and the sights are spectacular.


If I wasn’t rocking a full-blown caffeine addiction before arriving, I may need an intravenous coffee drip upon my return.


Teaching is a lot of work, so I try to see [what] I can [when] I can.


Honestly, living in Quindio is a dream. You’ve never seen green until you’ve seen it in the Andes.


Next time we’ll be discussing my recent trip to Valle de Cocora to see the tallest palm trees in the world, and how to blow through 48 photos before reaching your destination. Here’s a preview:

Valle de Cocora



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