Lawrence Public Library Loves Lawrence So Much It Hurts!

During the 2018 Engaging Local Government Leaders' Leslie B. Knope Award for Best Library, I was asked to write an article detailing what it is about Lawrence Public Library that truly makes it the best. Below is the article as featured on ELGL's site. In this series, guest columnists write about what’s working at their library, how... Continue Reading →


New Book Releases in August: Next Month’s Literary Menu

August, summer’s denouement. Though this month can be a bit of a drag as it reminds us of the ever encroaching end of summer, there is still one thing to look forward to and that’s books. When in doubt … read a lot. It just so happens that there’s a sufficient batch of fiction, nonfiction,... Continue Reading →

NPR Challenges Misrepresentation of Islam

NPR’s Muslim Artists, Now series attempts to close the gap in our understanding of Islam and the cultures that it has helped shape. The series reveals how art can change the perspective of the Muslim community in the world at large. Few things are more widely misrepresented than Islam. This stems from the medias portrayal... Continue Reading →

The Southern Façade of Pro-LGBTQ Initiatives

Bill Konigsberg, an author and writer for the Huffington Post, has recently embarked on a journey through the South and Midwest to initiate a discussion with and about the LGBTQ youth and community. He is representing The Trevor Project in this Awareness Tour in order to share his coming out story. He offers words of encouragement... Continue Reading →

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