Women of the Star Wars Expanded Universe

The newest Star Wars movie is days away from release, and there’s an electricity in the air surrounding this excitement that I’m forced to refer to as the Force. With the new trilogy and Expanded Universe movies all abuzz, it’s become clear that women have taken a firm hold of the Star Wars Expanded Universe.... Continue Reading →


Happy Birthday, Ray!: The Intellectual Precipice of a Million DWGs

Ray Bradbury was born on this day in 1920. 96 years later, he is still shaping the face of Science and Speculative Fiction. A middle school student can find Fahrenheit 451 in their school library. A college graduate can stumble upon The Illustrated Man on a friend’s bookshelf. A senior can be given The Martian... Continue Reading →

NASA’s Free E-book on How to Talk to Aliens

Hello, fellow earthlings! As our ability to travel in space continues to expand, there are many questions being raised about the possibility of encountering an intelligent alien species. What will they look like? Will they be friendly? How will we communicate with them? Obviously, if there is alien life technologically advanced enough to travel to... Continue Reading →

Kurt Vonnegut’s Galápagos

The overwhelming complexity, originality, and overall mind-bogglingly outstanding writing of Kurt Vonnegut is something that can change your life. Where most writers only have questions, Vonnegut provides answers. Whether those answers are likely to come to pass is another matter entirely. He has mastered the art of placation through absurdity, and has given many of... Continue Reading →

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