NPR Challenges Misrepresentation of Islam

NPR’s Muslim Artists, Now series attempts to close the gap in our understanding of Islam and the cultures that it has helped shape. The series reveals how art can change the perspective of the Muslim community in the world at large. Few things are more widely misrepresented than Islam. This stems from the medias portrayal... Continue Reading →


The Southern Façade of Pro-LGBTQ Initiatives

Bill Konigsberg, an author and writer for the Huffington Post, has recently embarked on a journey through the South and Midwest to initiate a discussion with and about the LGBTQ youth and community. He is representing The Trevor Project in this Awareness Tour in order to share his coming out story. He offers words of encouragement... Continue Reading →

Speculative Fiction

Logan Isaman Christopher McKitterick Science Fiction 3 March 2014 Speculative Fiction The genre of Science Fiction is a, “philosophical perspective on what it means to be human in a changing world,” (McKitterick 19). Since its inception, Science Fiction has allowed its masters to delve into what is often referred to as “Speculative Fiction”: a new... Continue Reading →

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