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Logan Isaman Résumé

All Listed Works Written by Logan Isaman

Published Articles:

Let’s Have a Ki Ki: The Fundamentals of Drag Jargon

Machines Are People, Too: 5 SciFi Short Stories with an Ethics Lesson

NASA’s Free E-book on How to Talk to Aliens

The Ambiguous Authorship of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Series

Anthony Bourdain’s International Food Market is Coming to Life

The Southern Façade of Pro-LGBTQ Initiatives

A Call for More Poetry in the Curriculum of K-12 Students

Happy Belated Birthday to Literary Mastermind, Jorge Luis Borges

NPR Challenges Misrepresentation of Islam

New Book Releases in August: Next Month’s Literary Menu

Undergraduate Research Papers:

Determining Dyslexia in Second Language Acquisition

Is Artificial Intelligence Synonymous with Slavery?

Speculative Fiction

The Constructed Realities of the ‘Lord’ Christopher Sly in Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew”


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